Eva's VIP Membership FAQs

what are the benefits?

Member's get instant access to our VIP catalog of over 100+ products at special discounted pricing.

  • VIP Catalog (100+ Products)
  • Discounted Pricing (Up to 75% OFF)
  • Unique Customer Account
  • Gain Eva Exclusive Rewards
  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Cancel Anytime For Any Reason


Eva's VIP Membership is $20.00 USD per month.

When will I be billed?

Member's are billed 30 days after their enrollment date.

For example: Say you purchased November 1, you would be billed on December 1.

can i cancel my membership?

We doubt you'll want to cancel your membership but in the event you wish to cancel we've made it very easy.

Complete our online cancelation form found here. (Upon completion your membership will be automatically canceled)

is the membership fee refundable?

Unfortunately, the membership fee of $20.00 USD is not refundable.

Need Help?

Email us at Support@EvaExclusives.com